Episode 25: Sushant Singh

Caravan Baatcheet: Why the G20 summit might fail

08 September 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made India’s presidency of the G20, like all other events in the country, a means for his own propaganda.

In this episode of The Caravan Baatcheet, host Vishnu Sharma talks to Sushant Singh, senior journalist and consulting editor of The Caravan, and lecturer at Yale University about how the G20 summit has become a branding exercise, that must always be about Modi and peddle the narrative of India as a vishwaguru. Singh says that despite the saturated publicity, the summit is not going to improve Modi's image on the international stage, due to various geopolitical factors. He adds that India has failed to resolve the conflicts among the G20 countries, an expectation from the host country. 

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